Friday, August 7, 2009

how well I play bad golf

BITE, BITE.. it's running hot,
strokes that hole?
I forgot.

Let's see-

1 out of bounds, 2 back in,
hitting three,
I hit it thin
4 out of trouble
5 on the green,
thanks to the ricochet off the tree
a putt for 6 trundles down the slope,
is it in?........ nope.
Living proof this takes skill,
a putt for 7 back up the hill,
you know they're thinking… PICK IT UP,
but not until it's in the cup.
Finally in... give me an 8,
next hole please,
I can't wait.
My cost per stroke
was worth the fee
double par plus 2
on a short par three.

No birdies today,
not even a par
the joy was friendship
and a good cigar.

S.A. Peck

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