Thursday, February 4, 2010

mind mining

how many snowflakes have there been, were ever two alike?
are blue skies new or used each time- where are they all night?

how many rain drops touched the earth, are plenty still in store?
will there be as many stars as ever were before?

where within the universe do moon beams go all day,
absorbed within the atmosphere or bouncing off astray?

is sunlight still a resource when you head the other way?
is our future calculated, somewhere out in space?

is eternity space or time, can we really know?
is length the time to get there… or how far we have to go?

how many atoms bounce around from here to over there,
more or less, now or then, how can we compare?

is life’s creation- death’s mutation, a metamorphosis?
will future generations be dissimilar from this?

how much "like" -makes love ...will there always be enough?
what do heavy feelings weigh- do hearts pump more than blood?

how many gods exist today, remind me what they pray for,
do they kill for love or hate- when they go off to war?

what's the breath count here on earth, including birds and bees?
what controls the universe, who counts all the leaves?

how much isn't value worth? how much still remains?
oh so many mysteries- titillate my brain.

S.A. Peck

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