Wednesday, December 8, 2010

peas in a pod

like peas in a pod
he climbed mountains of sand to be by her side,
she followed along
even if only to go for the ride,
standing as one
being together was double the fun

cares to the wind
they would stumble and fall, but stand tall again
through thick and thin
they covered each other like layers of skin,
eternal mates
joined by vows they sealed their fates

rapt in parenting
ingraining their love with indelible memories,
to and fro
helping achieve a status-quo,
together they rose
ascending a mountain of sand to their own

weathered by years
through laughter, heartbreak, children and tears,
a lumbering pace
the mountain of sand now winning the race,
still standing as one
reliving the story of double the fun

S.A. Peck

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