Friday, September 28, 2012

a full moon, werewolf, guy & a girl...

oh baby-sweet my baby... don't go-out for the night,
please listen to me honey... be here with me tonight,
the yellow moon, big and full... beams a watchful bright,
and sans the veil of lady luck,
a howlin werewolf wraps you up- to be his night's delight,
ah, to be his night's delight,
his shadow's but a silhouette,
against a moon so bright

baby oh sweet baby... there is peril in the night,
darkness will forsake you to contest your guiding light,
the yellow moon is big and full... shining hoary bright
and that cagey howlin werewolf,
knows the time is right,
yes he knows the time is right,
his shadow's but a silhouette,
and you the night's delight

oh stay with me sweet darling... no fussin bout a fight,
hold on to me baby... forever by my side,
hold me close and don't let go
you know I'll treat you right,
and read to you, of hearts in tune
to ease your fickle mind,
for the werewolf's in the shadows of
the yellow moon tonight

so scootch a wee bit closer... don't slip into the night,
the moon so big and beautiful, shines a drawing bright,
chance my luck would have it
a lone werewolf steals the night,
and tempts you with his hollow charms,
until the morning light

tomorrow will be thankful, and I would be as grateful,
I wouldn't want to lose you to a moon so big and bright,
a moon so big and bright,
the howling wolf is callin,
his fangs have barely fallen, 
and you have met your callin
to a yellow moon,

S.A. Peck 

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