Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Land of Nor...

As my blog continues to grow, I will re-post some of my previous poems. I know that it's hard to pore through 600+ post. Conicidentally, here is one that I penned on this day in 2012.

I was lost so I stopped at the general store.
The clerk was asleep in a chair at the porch.
She woke with a start and queried what for?
I explained to the lass, I was following lore
and asked for the path to the Land of Nor.
Ah yes said the clerk, I've been there before.
The unknown road is what you're looking for.
There's a sign that's knocked down and ain't there anymore.
I pardoned myself and stepped from the door,
then headed a course for the Land of Nor.

The sign wasn't there, so that's where I turned.
A pass uncommon as ever discerned.
My heart was aflutter, my mind a blur,
in hopes to discover what few have observed;
and pass along knowledge... unspoken yet heard.
Mystique in the midst, though a light shone through,
The Land of Nor was now coming in view.
My senses peaked with wondrous awe.
Beauty unknown, was all that I saw.

A boundless abyss- undefined.
A place without face, or measure of time.
Peaceful and calm where I saw not a soul,
I knew from within that I wasn't alone.
A place unfamiliar, yet never was lost
life became clearer, no chasms to cross.
In a vacuum of silence, I heard every word.
I gained understanding, I listened and learned.
Reason revealed this place that I yearned.
The Land of Nor... was heaven on earth.

S.A. Peck


Niels Blomberg said...

I like it.
What is the land of nor? What is this traveller looking for?

Steve said...

where nowhere, is everywhere,
a space neither here nor there...