Friday, June 12, 2009

workin it out..

So you think you’re all that and way cool.
You can’t read a lick and you dropped out of school.
You have a part time job any fool can do.
And you don’t brush your teeth as a rule.

So you think you’re all that and way cool.
Ball cap aside with your thug-like pride,
pants falling off, gotta smokers cough.
There's a future ahead but what do you do,
you start packing some heat like a stooge.

So what do you know about life?
What do you think about kids and a wife?
What will you teach them to do?
Speak like a yo and drop out of skool?

Well maybe their dope will be good.
They can push it around to the kids in the hood.
Or maybe they’ll turn out all right,
not found in a heap, dead in the street,
working it in out in a gunfight.

Will you be the one in the crowd?
Righteous, wholesome, say it right now.
You change the hood to a neighborhood.
A leader, be mighty, be proud.
Pledge your Allegiance out loud!

YoDawg Sup

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