Thursday, July 2, 2009

apartment dweller blues

Downstairs smells like Szechuan Beef.
The dogs stopped barking, what a relief.
Across the hall eviction, two doors down abuse,
children crying, parents bitchin.

“Apartment Dweller Blues”

The upstairs parties run all night long.
Punk rock, rap rock, rock n roll, Kid Rock, on and on it never stops.
Squeaky springs, the phone rings, baby needs new shoes.
The maintenance man sells contraband.

“Apartment Dweller Blues”

There’s a truck out front propped up on blocks.
Litter landscapes the parking lot.
Folks milling round, kids throwing rocks.
Gun shots ring at the end of the block.
A deal gone bad ain’t nothing new.

“Apartment Dweller Blues”

Though right next store a family of four,
praise love and respect for all.
Open books and wide-eyed looks-
Well imagine that, in this habitat?
There is hope in these halls after all.

S.A. Peck

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