Sunday, June 12, 2011

peck golf

played golf again, I'm such a hack,
double bogey to end the back,
still broke 100 to my surprise,
must be the golf gods improving lies

one lucky shot I won't forget,
I say this rather jokingly,
140 out- 8 iron no doubt,
rattled the cup for bogey!

I play a slice, a fade when nice,
usually from trouble
the rough, some woods, a neighborhood
or dropping from a puddle

I don't keep score by strokes per hole,
No penalties are called.
I say hey, at the end of the day,
was I plus or minus balls?

I score my round by cost per stroke,
a more forgiving flavor,
just stop to think… nod nod- wink wink,
high scores work in your favor...


S.A. Peck

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