Sunday, September 11, 2011

paying it back

religious sectarian, stone-age barbarians,
narrow minded men with heinous egos,
beheading those who dare oppose,
all for the sake of religion? ...stoning their own children?
how can the motherhood allow it to happen?
how do their souls rest at night?
fateful hearts without civil rights

from isis, the ku klux klan- to al-qaeda and the taliban
control freaks lacking moral qualities,
deranged pea-brains,
who will never know peace until dead in their graves

what cowardly men, who brainwash hatred into their children,
your choice of honor, a martyr by sword, or suicide bomber,
I’m kidding of course, the choices aren’t yours
kill, hate, revenge, attack... don't you know you’ll be paying it back?

what kind of people worship like that?
one day soon you'll be paying it back,
when will they know, God isn’t like that…

S.A. Peck

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